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MOS tradicija već 10 godina

Sertifikati su potvrda vašeg profesionalnog pristupa i iskazanog znanja u korišćenju određenih Microsoft alata. “e-TIM” može da vam obezbedi sticanje zvaničnih, međunarodno priznatih Microsoft sertifikata. Ovi sertifikati će vas odvojiti od ostalih tj. predstavljaju satisfakciju za usvojeno i pokazano znanje. Sa druge strane, poslodavci upravo po kriterijumu međunarodnih sertifikata definišu prioritete pri zapošljavanju.

Postoji 7 Microsoft Office Specialist sertifikata:

  • 77-725 Word Core
  • 77-726 Word Expert
  • 77-727 Excel Core
  • 77-728 Excel Expert
  • 77-729 PowerPoint
  • 77-730 Access
  • 77-731 Outlook

Svaki položeni ispit donosni vam zvanje MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST za aplikaciju za koju ste se sertifikovali.

MOS sertifikat važi DOŽIVOTNO, ali samo za tu verziju Microsoft Office paketa.

MOS EXPERT zvanje se zaslužuje kada položite Word Expert i Excel Expert ispite
MOS MASTER zvanje se zaslužuje kada kao MOS Expert položite i PowerPoint i Access ispite

Create and manage documents

  • Create a blank document, create a blank document using a template, open a PDF in Word for editing, insert text from a file or external source
  • Search for text, insert hyperlinks, create bookmarks, move to a specific location or object in a document
  • Modify page setup, apply document themes, apply document style sets, insert headers and footers, insert page numbers, format page background elements
  • Change document views, customize views by using zoom settings, customize the Quick Access Toolbar, split the window, add document properties, show or hide formatting symbols
  • Modify print settings, save documents in alternative file formats, print all or part of a document, inspect a document for hidden properties or personal information, inspect a document for accessibility issues, inspect a document for compatibility issues

Format text, paragraphs, and sections

  • Find and replace text; cut, copy, and paste text; replace text by using AutoCorrect; insert special characters
  • Apply font formatting, apply formatting by using Format Painter, set line and paragraph spacing and indentation, clear formatting, apply a text highlight color to text selections, apply built-in styles to text, change text to WordArt
  • Format text in multiple columns; insert page, section, or column breaks; change page setup options for a section

Create tables and lists

  • Convert text to tables, convert tables to text, create a table by specifying rows and columns, apply table styles
  • Sort table data; configure cell margins and spacing; merge and split cells; resize tables, rows, and columns; split tables; configure a repeating row header
  • Create a numbered or bulleted list, change bullet characters or number formats for a list level, define a custom bullet character or number format, increase or decrease list levels, restart or continue list numbering, set starting number value

Create and manage references

  • Insert footnotes and endnotes, modify footnote and endnote properties, create bibliography citation sources, modify bibliography citation sources, insert citations for bibliographies, insert figure and table captions, modify caption properties
  • Insert a standard table of contents, update a table of contents, insert a cover page

Insert and format graphic elements

  • Insert shapes, insert pictures, insert a screen shot or screen clipping, insert text boxes
  • Apply artistic effects, apply picture effects, remove picture backgrounds, format objects, apply a picture style, wrap text around objects, position objects, add alternative text to objects for accessibility
  • Create a SmartArt graphic, format a SmartArt graphic, modify SmartArt graphic content

Manage documents and templates

  • Modify existing templates; copy custom styles, macros, and building blocks to other documents or templates; manage document versions; compare and combine multiple documents; link to external document content; enable macros in a document; display hidden ribbon tabs; change the application default font
  • Restrict editing, mark a document as final, protect a document with a password
  • Track changes, manage tracked changes, lock or unlock tracking, add comments, manage comments

Design advanced documents

  • Find and replace text by using wildcards and special characters, find and replace formatting and styles, set advanced page setup layout options, link text boxes, set paragraph pagination options, resolve style conflicts by using Paste Options
  • Create paragraph and character styles, modify existing styles

Create advanced references

  • Mark index entries, create indexes, update indexes
  • Customize a table of contents, insert and modify captions, create and modify a table of figures
  • Add custom fields, modify field properties, perform mail merges, manage recipient lists, insert merged fields, preview merge results

Create custom Word elements

  • Create Quick Parts, manage building blocks, create and modify simple macros, insert and configure content controls
  • Create custom color sets, create custom font sets, create custom themes, create custom style sets
  • Configure language options in documents, add alt text to document elements, manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts, utilize global content standards

Create and manage worksheets and workbooks

  • Create a workbook, import data from a delimited text file, add a worksheet to an existing workbook, copy and move a worksheet
  • Search for data within a workbook; navigate to a named cell, range, or workbook element; insert and remove hyperlinks
  • Change worksheet tab color, rename a worksheet, change worksheet order, modify page setup, insert and delete columns or rows, change workbook themes, adjust row height and column width, insert headers and footers
  • Hide or unhide worksheets, hide or unhide columns and rows, customize the Quick Access Toolbar, change workbook views, change window views, modify document properties, change magnification by using zoom tools, display formulas
  • Set a print area, save workbooks in alternative file formats, print all or part of a workbook, set print scaling, display repeating row and column titles on multipage worksheets, inspect a workbook for hidden properties or personal information, inspect a workbook for accessibility issues, inspect a workbook for compatibility issues

Manage data cells and ranges

  • Replace data; cut, copy, or paste data; paste data by using special paste options; fill cells by using Auto Fill; insert and delete cells
  • Merge cells, modify cell alignment and indentation, format cells by using Format Painter, wrap text within cells, apply number formats, apply cell formats, apply cell styles
  • Insert sparklines, outline data, insert subtotals, apply conditional formatting

Create tables

  • Create an Excel table from a cell range, convert a table to a cell range, add or remove table rows and columns
  • Apply styles to tables, configure table style options, insert total rows
  • Filter records, sort data by multiple columns, change sort order, remove duplicate records

Perform operations with formulas and functions

  • Insert references, perform calculations by using the SUM function, perform calculations by using MIN and MAX functions, perform calculations by using the COUNT function, perform calculations by using the AVERAGE function
  • Perform logical operations by using the IF function, perform logical operations by using the SUMIF function, perform logical operations by using the AVERAGEIF function, perform statistical operations by using the COUNTIF function
  • Format text by using RIGHT, LEFT, and MID functions; format text by using UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER functions; format text by using the CONCATENATE function

Create charts and objects

  • Create a new chart, add additional data series, switch between rows and columns in source data, analyze data by using Quick Analysis
  • Resize charts, add and modify chart elements, apply chart layouts and styles, move charts to a chart sheet
  • Insert text boxes and shapes, insert images, modify object properties, add alternative text to objects for accessibility

Manage workbook options and settings

  • Save a workbook as a template, copy macros between workbooks, reference data in another workbook, reference data by using structured references, enable macros in a workbook, display hidden ribbon tabs
  • Restrict editing, protect a worksheet, configure formula calculation options, protect workbook structure, manage workbook versions, encrypt a workbook with a password

Apply custom data formats and layouts

  • Create custom number formats, populate cells by using advanced Fill Series options, configure data validation
  • Create custom conditional formatting rules, create conditional formatting rules that use formulas, manage conditional formatting rules
  • Create custom color formats, create and modify cell styles, create and modify custom themes, create and modify simple macros, insert and configure form controls
  • Display data in multiple international formats, apply international currency formats, manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts

Create advanced formulas

  • Perform logical operations by using AND, OR, and NOT functions; perform logical operations by using nested functions; perform statistical operations by using SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, and COUNTIFS functions
  • Look up data by using the VLOOKUP function, look up data by using the HLOOKUP function, look up data by using the MATCH function, look up data by using the INDEX function
  • Reference the date and time by using the NOW and TODAY functions, serialize numbers by using date and time functions
  • Import, transform, combine, display, and connect to data; consolidate data; perform what-if analysis by using Goal Seek and Scenario Manager; use cube functions to get data out of the Excel data model; calculate data by using financial functions
  • Trace precedence and dependence, monitor cells and formulas by using the Watch Window, validate formulas by using error checking rules, evaluate formulas
  • Name cells, name data ranges, name tables, manage named ranges and objects

Create advanced charts and tables

  • Add trendlines to charts, create dual-axis charts, save a chart as a template
  • Create PivotTables, modify field selections and options, create slicers, group PivotTable data, reference data in a PivotTable by using the GETPIVOTDATA function, add calculated fields, format data
  • Create PivotCharts, manipulate options in existing PivotCharts, apply styles to PivotCharts, drill down into PivotChart details

Create and manage presentations

  • Create a new presentation, create a presentation based on a template, import Word document outlines
  • Insert specific slide layouts; duplicate existing slides; hide and unhide slides; delete slides; apply a different slide layout; modify individual slide backgrounds; insert slide headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Change the slide master theme or background, modify slide master content, create a slide layout, modify a slide layout, modify the handout master, modify the notes master
  • Create sections, modify slide order, rename sections
  • Change slide size, change views of a presentation, set file properties
  • Print all or part of a presentation; print notes pages; print handouts; print in color, grayscale, or black and white
  • Create custom slide shows, configure slide show options, rehearse slide show timing, present a slide show by using Presenter View

Insert and format text, shapes, and images

  • Insert text on a slide, apply formatting and styles to text, apply WordArt styles to text, format text in multiple columns, create bulleted and numbered lists, insert hyperlinks
  • Insert or replace shapes, insert text boxes, resize shapes and text boxes, format shapes and text boxes, apply styles to shapes and text boxes
  • Insert images, resize and crop images, apply styles and effects
  • Order objects, align objects, group objects, display alignment tools

Insert tables, charts, SmartArt, and media

  • Create a table, insert and delete table rows and columns, apply table styles, import a table
  • Create a chart, import a chart, change the Chart Type, add a legend to a chart, change the chart style of a chart
  • Create SmartArt graphics, convert lists to SmartArt graphics, add shapes to SmartArt graphics, reorder shapes in SmartArt graphics, change the color of SmartArt graphics
  • Insert audio and video clips, configure media playback options, adjust media window size, set the video start and stop time, set media timing options

Apply transitions and animations

  • Insert slide transitions, set transition effect options
  • Apply animations to objects, apply animations to text, set animation effect options, set animation paths
  • Set transition effect duration, configure transition start and finish options, reorder animations on a slide

Manage multiple presentations

  • Insert slides from another presentation, compare two presentations, insert comments, review comments
  • Protect a presentation, inspect a presentation, proof a presentation, preserve presentation content, export presentations to other formats

Create and manage a database

  • Create a blank desktop database, create a database from a template, create a database by using Import objects or data from other sources, delete database objects
  • Create and modify relationships, set the primary key, enforce referential integrity, set foreign keys, view relationships
  • Navigate specific records, create and modify a navigation form, set a form as the startup option, display objects in the Navigation Pane, change views of objects
  • Compact a database, repair a database, back up a database, split a database, encrypt a database with a password, recover data from backup
  • Print reports, print records, save a database as a template, export objects to alternative formats

Build tables

  • Create a table, import data into tables, create linked tables from external sources, import tables from other databases, create a table from a template with application parts
  • Hide fields in tables, add total rows, add table descriptions, rename tables
  • Update records, add records, delete records, append records from external data, find and replace data, sort records, filter records
  • Add fields to tables, add validation rules to fields, change field captions, change field sizes, change field data types, configure fields to auto-increment, set default values, using input masks, delete fields

Create queries

  • Run a query, create a crosstab query, create a parameter query, create an action query, create a multi-table query, save a query
  • Rename a query, add fields, remove fields, hide fields, sort data within queries, format fields within queries
  • Add calculated fields, set filtering criteria, group and summarize data, group data by using comparison operators, group data by using arithmetic and logical operators

Create forms

  • Create a form, create a form from a template with application parts, save a form
  • Move form controls, add form controls, modify data sources, remove form controls, set form control properties, manage labels, add sub-forms
  • Modify tab order, configure Print settings, sort records by form field, apply a theme, control form positioning, insert backgrounds, insert headers and footers, insert images

Create reports

  • Create a report based on the query or table, create a report in Design view, create a report by using a wizard
  • Group and sort fields, modify data sources, add report controls, add and modify labels
  • Format a report into multiple columns, add calculated fields, control report positioning, format report elements, change report orientation, insert header and footer information, insert images, apply a theme

Manage the Outlook environment for productivity

  • Customize reply messages, change text formats for all outgoing messages, customize the Navigation Pane, configure reviews, manage multiple accounts, add an account
  • Print message, calendar, contact, or task information; save message attachments; preview attachments; save messages in alternate formats; export messages to a data file
  • Create new search folders; search for items in messages, tasks, contacts, or calendars; search by using advanced find; search by folder

Manage messages

  • Set fonts for new messages and responses; create, assign, and modify signatures; create and manage rules; create automatic replies; create messages by using Quick Parts; configure Junk Email and Clutter settings
  • Create a message; add or remove message attachments; add cc and bcc to messages; add tracking and voting options; forward and reply to messages; request a delivery or read receipt; redirect replies; flag outgoing messages for follow up, importance, and sensitivity; recall a message
  • Format text, insert hyperlinks, apply themes and styles, insert messages, add a signature to specific messages

Manage schedules

  • Create and add calendars, adjust viewing details for calendars, modify calendar time zones, delete calendars, set calendar work times, manage multiple calendars, manage calendar groups, display multiple calendars, share calendars
  • Create calendar items, create recurring calendar items, cancel calendar items, create calendar items from messages, set calendar item times, set up meetings by using the scheduling assistant, set free or busy status for calendar items, schedule resources, set up meeting location by using Room Finder
  • Set calendar item importance, forward calendar items, configure reminders, add participants, respond to invitations, update individual or recurring calendar items, share meeting notes, categorize calendar items
  • Create and manage tasks, create and organize notes

Manage contacts and groups

  • Create a new contact, delete contacts, import contacts from external sources, edit contact information, attach an image to a contact, add tags to contacts, share contacts, create and manage address books
  • Create new contact groups, add contacts to existing contact groups, add notes to a contact group, update contacts within contact groups, delete contact groups, delete contact group members
  • Ispit traje 50min.
  • Svi ispiti se zasnivaju na praktičnom radu u Office aplikacijama i predstavljaju simulaciju rešavanja čestih tj. svakodnevnih zadataka.
  • Ispiti se polažu Online na našoj opremi
  • Odmah po završetku ispita je kandidat upoznat sa uspešnošću svog rada.
  • Štampane sertifikate kompanija Microsoft dostavljaja poštom u roku od 3-5 sedmica.
  • MOS sertifikati važe doživotno

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